"The experience of sitting for a portrait was a complete pleasure" Alex 
Lindy takes commissions for Portraits, Still Lifes, and Watercolours. She will travel nationally and internationally. 


It is an amazing experience to watch the artist; how she can, with a few dabs of paint, a quizzical look, a measurement, create your image on the canvas – not only the likeness, but you. 
You don't have to look in one place the whole time, only when asked to think 'happy thoughts', otherwise it is lots of conversation and drinking frothy coffee –of which Lindy is justly famous! It is a bit like a spa treatment, extraordinary. 


Mr Andrew Moffat esq. 
Lord and Lady Henniker 
Dorian Lovell-Pank QC 
Lady Howard Flight 
Mrs. Jill Kerr 
Rt Hon Alex Stanley 
Charlie Shand 
Robin Naughton-Rumbo 
Mr. Roland Walker FRCS 
Stephen Machin 
Captain G Sprake 
Mr and Mrs Diplock 
Alexandra Reeves 
Kate Taylor 
Nigel Allfrey 
Caroyln Minty 
Lt Col JB O Gorman 
Captain S O Gorman 
Archduke Alexander of Austria 
Prince Wenceslas de Nassau 
Posthumous portrait of Joe Molloy commissioned by Gerry McGovern, Design Director and Chief Creative Officer for Land Rover. 
Ian Sutherland esq. 
Richard Parish 


Portrait Drawing pencil/sanguine/charcoal: from £950 
Portrait in oil on linen : from £2000 
oil portrait painted of family artist son
My son Charlie was about to go off on his travels to Australia so I painted his portrait. He came back with lots of inspiration for his book. 
portrait painting in oil commission to commemorate special birthday of a friend artist
oil portrait painting commission artist's friend's son
portrait oil study of a prince in the army from a life sitting
portrait oil study of an archduke in the army from life sitting
postumous oil painting of a CEO
charcoal drawing of the choirboy of the year winner
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oil painting commission for special birthday with a painting of her dog
portrait in oil of an English setter
oil painting commission of a family group for a special anniversary
an oil painting of a family group of four generations of women
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