Learning to paint PORTRAITS calls on a variety of technical skills, such as understanding of anatomy, drawing/ painting form, learning to interpret the flow of light in a conceptual way. We all want to achieve a “quick” portrait but in order to paint faster we need to slow down. In painting portraits it is vital to be accurate as one millimetre error takes us to “Uncanny Valley”! 
We all need training to improve our talents, the road to painting portraits is fascinating and an exciting challenge to achieve likeness, character and the satisfaction of a good drawing/painting. 
The STILL LIFE course can be a great tool for portrait painting too, it teaches us to understand the sculptural element in painting form, to be familiar with oil paint and how to paint with confidence. Another important exercise is to draw/paint a cast or a self portrait. This can all be done on this course without the pressure of a model but painting from life so to speak! 
"Lindy is more than a talented artist, she is a supportive teacher and an enlightened woman who puts all those 'creatives' coming to her workshops and classes at ease. I worked hard, learnt so much about colour, technique and really had the necessary time to immerse myself in order to achieve improvement. 
Thank you Lindy, I really loved it! " Simone. 
In my workshops we will cover: 
Simple exercise to zone in eye seeing negative shapes 
Tools to help train the eye 
Draw accurately - Good drawing leads to a good painting 
Colour Theory 
Colour Mixing making Clean colours 
Draw and Paint Form 
Understanding Values 
Understanding Composition 
Understanding of materials and the oil paint process 
Classes are small, 4 -5 max to ensure individual attention at all times. All levels welcome.  
An oil painting of a still life on linen canvas
A still life oil painting by Lindy 


Day one 
Drawing exercises, draw up still life, colour theory, learn mixing paints so they are clean, pallet organisation, start painting still life/cast/self portrait. 
Day two and three 
Continue painting with direction with lots of tips, and learning on how to see colour, values, composition. 
Foundation of the above putting the principles into an individual 
work, of a high standard to put on your wall! 
(all created by you!) 
Course will be on: 
11-13th April 18 Fully booked 
More will be arranged by request. 
Price for 3 day Course 
20% deposit non-refundable to book a place. Remainder payable on the day.  
Tuesday morning & afternoon workshops - Phone for details. 
Lindy's north lit studio for portrait painting with perfect lighting


Day one 
Drawing the skull, anatomy, cast and planes of the face, to learn the basics of portrait drawing/painting. Colour mixing beautiful subtle skin tones. Principles of gaining likeness and character. 
Days two and three 
Paint from the Model with tips and direction at all times. 
Courses will be on: 
17-19 Jan 18 Fully booked 
7-9 Feb 18 Fully booked 
9-11 May 18 Fully booked 
6-8 June 18 
4-6 July 18 
3-5 Oct 18 
24-26 Oct 18 
Paint, Canvas, paper, charcoal, easels included. Tea, frothy coffee provided. 
Day one 
Draw planes of the head. Model arrives in the afternoon - draw the model. 
Colour mixing & theory. 
Day two 
Paint portrait from the model on canvas 
24-25 Feb 18 One place left 
Stow on the Wold is a beautiful Cotswold Town steeped in History with plenty of art galleries art shop, individual shops, Bed and Breakfast, Pubs and Hotels. 
Just bring yourselves! 
The Cotswold Town of Stow-on-the Wold where Lindy's studio for portrait painting artists
To find out more or book on a course, contact Lindy now